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In Alberta, Rachel Notley is ready to take away your guns with the help of the Federal Liberal Party. If you want to keep your gun rights and freedoms – vote against Rachel Notley on May 29.

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Legal Gun ownership in Canada is under attack — and ALBERTA is the battleground. Join us to learn how you and your family can help.

Mitch Sylvestre is passionate about protecting gun owners rights and freedoms. He is also a North Captain for Take Back Alberta (TBA) — Mitch couldn't stay silent on the sidelines any longer as firearm rights continue to erode for Canadians. Find Mitch on tour at various speaking events throughout Alberta, this May.

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Did You Know?

There are 341,988 legal PAL gun owners in Alberta - your VOTE matters.

Over 100,000 hunting licenses sold every year in Alberta
Over 65,000 registered sports shooters in Alberta
Estimated approx 1 Million Albertans protect their property with firearms

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Legal Gun Ownership is a Core Value in Alberta

Never before has a provincial election had the prospect of so much to lose for legal and responsible firearm owners, in Alberta.

Albertans value protecting gun ownership rights. A VOTE for UCP this May 2023 is critical to protect your freedoms.

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